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The Light Goes On - Pixabay

The Light Goes On – Pixabay

Last night I realized that the shoes I had ordered weren’t coming. And, it’s because I don’t have enough money to cover them. Ack! The price has nearly doubled now that Labor Day has past. I was so frustrated!

You see, I need some substantial shoes because of working on my feet all day. I don’t buy much, so had carefully and prayerfully planned for the shoes, chose them and ordered them. I felt so dumb when the card was rejected. I felt vulnerable and unprotected. I became Dread, personified, as I know I’ll have sore, tortured feet for weeks till I can save up enough. (Note: Exaggeration is common while fuming… {Ahem})

I also felt angry at God. So much so, I couldn’t sleep very well. Been there? After tossing and turning for a couple hours I got up and He and I had a talk. It was more like me kind of listening in a pout and He setting me straight.  “If not getting the shoes you want make you doubt my goodness, what does that say about your faith for the important things, like your salvation?  What do you know that I am missing, Kris?” 

Well now.  When God speaks so clearly, there’s not much to say in return, is there?  In fact, I found myself smiling. He’s right, of course. He knows everything and not missing anything.  And, He knows I completely trust Him for my soul’s well-being, so why not trust my feet to him, as well?  When what I lack becomes symbolic of God’s nature, I’m on a dangerous slide toward despair instead of hope. There is another way. My hope must be in who God is and not just what he does or doesn’t do.  “Lord, remind me that when my sole focus on Your goodness, sovereignty, justice and mercy, my hope is sure and I’ll have faith to stand firm. Amen.” #SoulEpiphany

How about you? When has the light gone on for your soul?  Tell me about it. I’m here…I’m listening. 🙂


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Let the truth sink in...Let the praises ring!

Let the truth sink in…Let the praises ring!

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